ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 6 Electronics Physics
Instructor: Paul Burney

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Newtonian Mechanics (Makeup Test)


Answer the following multiple choice questions. Circle the best answer or fill in the bubble of your choice. Take your time. No partial credit will be given. Good Luck!


  1. Which of the numbers below has the most significant figures?

    A305.0 cm
    B0.0500 cm
    C1.000813 cm
    D8.06 x 104 cm
  2. If A = 11, B = 3, and C =5, then 2(BC - A)2 - 12 =
    A- 10
  3. A drag racer starts from rest and accelerates to a speed of 76 m/s in 8.3 seconds. What is the acceleration of the car?
    A- 4.58 m/s2
    B4.58 m/s2
    C9.16 m/s2
    D630.8 m/s2
  4. Which is true for projectile motion?
    AThe x velocity is always increasing
    BThe y velocity is constant
    CThe x and y velocity are independent of each other
    DThe average of the x and y velocity is the total velocity
  5. A golf ball is hit at a speed of 45 m/s at an angle of 73°. It's range is:
    A2.57 m
    B57.8 m
    C116 m
    D198 m
  6. Which of the following is always true?
    Akinetic friction is greater than static friction
    Bkinetic friction is greater than the normal force
    Ckinetic friction is less than static friction
    Dkinetic friction acts on bodies at rest
  7. The Conservation of Energy equations allow us to measure the conservation of which two energies?
    APotential and Heat
    BSolar and Electric
    CKinetic and Potential
    DWind and Kinetic
  8. Which of the forms below is not Newton's second law:
    AF = Dp / Dt
    BF = ma
    Ca = F / m
    Dm = a / F
  9. A 0.2 kg cue ball rolling at 1.4 m/s elastically collides directly with a 0.2 kg 9-Ball. The speed of the cue ball after the collision is:
    A0.2 kg
    B-1.4 m/s
    C0 m/s
    D0.7 m/s
  10. "Weightlessness" on the space shuttle is caused by:
    AAbsence of gravity
    BAbsence of air resistance
    CAnti-gravity generators
    DThe relative motion of shuttle and astronaut