ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 6 Electronics Physics
Instructor: Paul Burney

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Work, Energy, and Power (Test #6)


Please solve the following problems. Credit will be given for work completed so make sure to show it! Some helpful information can be found below.

Work & Power Formulas

Energy Formulas

W = F d cos q

Wgravity = mgh

Wspring = 1/2 kx2

P = W / t

Einitial = Efinal

Uinitial+ Kinitial = Ufinal+ Kfinal

Ugravity = mgh

Uspring = 1/2 kx2

K = 1/2 mv2

1) Two movers are having a dispute:

Circle the best answer:

Mover one is correct

Mover two is correct

Both are correct to some extent
Explain your reasoning:

2) A young girl drags her favorite dolly by the hair at an angle of 55° to the ground for a distance of 4 m.

a) If she pulls with a force of 3 N, what is the total work that she has done?

b) If it takes her half a minute to travel the four meters, what is the girl's power?

3) In the roller coaster ride below, the car starts at a speed of 3 m/s at point A. What is its speed when it reaches point C?

4) A 3.5 kg artillery shell is shot out of a cannon at 375 m/s. If it plunges 1.3 m into an enemy bunker, what is the average force that the shell exerts on the bunker wall?