ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 6 Electronics Physics
Instructor: Paul Burney

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One Dimensional Motion Test (Test #3)


Please solve the following problems. Credit will be given for work completed so make sure to show it! Some helpful information can be found below:

1-D Motion Formulas

Necessary Problem Information

  1. A young woman jogs 1.2 miles to WildHarvest. She stops by a friend's house 0.5 miles from her house on the way home. (15 points)
    1. What is her total distance traveled?
    2. What is her total displacement?

  2. A mouse moving in a maze takes 25 seconds to move first 20 cm East and then 30 cm North. (15 points)
    1. What is the mouse's total speed?
    2. What is the mouse's total velocity?


  3. A rocket leaving the earth travels 40,320 meters in 3.6 seconds. Assuming that the velocity is constant, with what velocity does the rocket leave the earth. (15 points)

  4. A drag racer starts from rest and accelerates to a speed of 76 m/s in 8.3 seconds. What is the acceleration of the car? (15 points)

  5. It takes an SUV traveling at 17 m/s 4 seconds to come to a complete stop. If the braking acceleration of the car is -6.2 m/s2, what distance did the SUV travel while stopping. (15 points)

  6. A car slows from 40 m/s to 25 m/s as its driver notices a state trooper in the next lane over. If the car covers a distance of 100 meters in this time, what is the braking acceleration of the car? (15 points)