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ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 6 Electronics Physics
Instructor: Paul Burney

Review for Final Examination

Topics Covered:

Mechanics of the Final

The final exam is much like the midterm exam. The exam covers all of the topics listed above, as well as draws on some knowledge from the first half of the quarter. The format of the test is:



Points Each




Multiple Choice




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The best to study for the matching exercises is to go over all of the formulas and make sure that you know what they represent and what units are used. For the multiple choice, try to reread as much of your notes and especially the book as possible. Try the problems attached to this sheet for practice with the problem section

Exam Practice Review

The following review covers most of the topics on the test. It is not in the same format as the test but the material is similar. The answers to the review are found in a separate document.

  1. A 1200 kg car rolls down a frictionless hill of height 10 m. What is its velocity as it reaches the bottom of the hill?

    If the car slows to a stop in 20 seconds as it moves along the flat surface below the hill, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the car and the ground?

  2. How much work does it take to push a car 50 m using a force of 17 N?

    If the cart is pushed the 50 m in 2 minutes, what is the power of the person pushing the cart?

  3. A 500 kg piece of an airplane's tail breaks off during flight. It moves at a velocity of 12 m/s south. If the 12000 kg airplane was originally traveling at 200 m/s northward, what is the new velocity of the airplane?

  4. A kid is spinning a yo-yo around his head. It makes 2 revolutions per second. What is the angular velocity (angular frequency) of the yo-yo?

    If the string is 30 cm long, what is the tangential (linear) speed of the yo-yo?

    If the mass of the ball is 0.24 kg, what is the centripetal force acting on the ball?

  5. What is the difference in pressure between two 0.14 m2 windows (portholes) at the top and bottom of Red October, a submarine with a height of 5 m?

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