ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 7 Electronics Calculus
Instructor: Paul Burney

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Integration (Test #5)

Useful Formula:


Please solve the following problems. Credit will be given for work completed so make sure to show it!


  1. Find the following definite integrals.

  2. Find the following indefinite integrals.

  3. Solve the following problem.

    The rate at which a virus spreads in a population is given by:

    I'(t) = 2500 - 50t

    where t is the time in weeks since the virus was introduced into a population.

    Find a general equation for the number of people infected with the virus at any time t, I(t) (i.e., find an intfinite integral).


If the population in the problem above begins at 300,000 people, how long does it take for all of them to become infected?