ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 2 CAD Mathematics
Instructor: Paul Burney

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Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry
(Makeup Test)


Please solve the following problems. Credit will be given for work completed so make sure to show it! Each problem is worth 14 points with 2 points awarded for writing your name on the paper. Good Luck. You can use your area and volume sheets, the trig flow chart, and the conic sections handout.



  1. In the figure below, lines AB and CD are parallel. If angle d measures 115°, find the other angles in the figure. Give two examples of supplementary and complementary angles.

  2. Multiply or divide the following:

  3. A Fryolator™ can cook 7 lbs of fries in 4 minutes. Assuming the same rate, how many pounds of fries can be cooked in 14 minutes?

  4. Find the lateral surface area, total surface area, and volume of the following object:

    A 2.5 inch tall triangular prism whose base is an equilateral triangle of side 0.75 inches.

  5. Convert 0.569 radians first to decimal degrees, then to degrees minutes and seconds.

  6. In the figure below, if A = 38° and c = 14", find the remaining sides and angles.

  7. An ellipse has an equation of 16x2 + 25y2 = 400. Find a and b, the two foci, and graph the ellipse.