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Elec. Math Midterm Review
Mr. Burney, ITT Framingham

This review will give you a brief overview of the topics we have covered in class. This review won't teach you everything from the past weeks, it will highlight what you should have learned.You should read your book and go over past tests, quizzes and homeworks as well to help you prepare for your exam.



The test contains 33 total problems, all of equal weight. Some of the problems involve figures, and others just equations.

The test counts for 20% of your final grade in the mathematics course. Do not begin to study on Tuesday night!

The review sheet below covers most of the topics covered on the test, but doesn't resemble the actual test.


Topics Studied:

  • Angle Conversions (Degree / Radian)
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • sine
  • cosine
  • tangent
  • Right triangle solving
  • Oblique (Scalene) triangle solving
  • Law of Sines
  • Law of Cosines
  • Area of triangles
  • Addition of vectors
  • Graphing of equations
  • Finding Slopes and Distances
  • Exponetial and Logarithmic equations

The sample problems below cover many of the types found in the midterm. The answers to the review can be found in a separate document.


1) Convert 23° to radians

2) Convert 1.3 p radians to degrees.

3) Find the sine, cosine and tangent for a right triangle with an adjacent side of 15 an opposite side of 19 and a hypotenuse of 24.21.

4) Solve the following triangle:

5) Solve the following triangle:

6) Find the area of the above triangle.

7) Add the following vectors. 15 at 36° and 17 at 123°

8) Given the following two points: (-3,4) and (5,2) find:

  1. The distance between them
  2. The slope of a line connecting them
  3. An equation for that line in point slope form.
  4. An equation for that line in slope intercept form.

9) Graph the line from above.

10) Solve for x:

3x = 27

log 7 1356 = x


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