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ITT Technical Institute
Framingham, Massachusetts
Quarter 2 CAD Math
Instructor: Paul Burney

Review for Final Examination

Topics Covered:

Mechanics of the Final

The final exam is much like the midterm exam. The exam covers all of the topics listed above, as well as draws on some knowledge from the first half of the quarter (for example, 2-D area). There are 25 questions on the exam, worth 4 points each.

Exam Practice Review

The following review covers most of the topics on the test. It is not in the same format as the test but the material is similar. The answers to the review are found in a separate document.

  1. Use trigonometry to find the height of the triangle below, as well as the lengths of the missing sides.

  2. Referring to the figure in the previous problem, find the volume, lateral surface area, and total surface area of the prism if it extends 12 feet back into the page.

  3. Convert 0.569 radians first to decimal degrees, then to degrees minutes and seconds.

  4. An ellipse has an equation of 16x2 + 25y2 = 400. Find a and b, the two foci, and graph the ellipse.

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