Math Fun Sheets

Developed by Paul Burney

These fun worksheets will let you practice your math skills. Click on one of the topics below.

Note: These games are pretty old, my newer games can be found on the BurneyKids website.

Baseball Dog Horse Dino Car

Baseball Math
Baseball Math is a fun way to practice math if you like baseball. Each question you answer right, you get a single, double, triple, or homerun. If you answer a question incorrectly, you get an out.

Math Kennel
Help rescue the puppies from the math kennel!

Math Equestrian
Use your math skills to train the horses perform tricks. The more math problems you answer correctly, the better your horse will perform the tricks.

Math Tar Pits
Dinosaurs are stuck in the Math Tar Pits and only your math problem solving skills can resuce them. Each correctly answered question will raise the dinosaur a little higher. Each incorrect answer will make the dinosaur sink a bit more.

Math 500 Race
Rev up your engine and get ready to race! The faster your math skills, the better your time. Each correct answer will move the car around the track a little bit more. Each incorrect answer will keep the car where it is. Try to improve your lap speed!

© 1999 Paul Burney